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Evaluate your company's impact on the environment, focusing on aspects such as climate, water, land, and biodiversity.



Dive deeply into your core values, ethical standards, CSR initiatives, transparency measures, stakeholder engagements, and more...

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ESG strategy & CSRD data collection

Define your ESG strategy and prioritise the focus of your company. Simplify your CSRD reporting with our robust data collection tools. We make it easy to gather, manage, and analyze all your data required for CSRD compliance, saving you time and resources.

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Action planning and tracking

Action planning and tracking

Transform insights into action with our advanced tracking and planning features. Get a detailed overview of all your sustainability actions, set targets, KPI's, monitor progress, and adjust strategies to meet your sustainability goals effectively.

Advanced live dashboards

Our CSRD assessment and action planning tools provide valuable insights into your organisation's sustainability initiatives, highlighting areas for improvement and growth.

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Successfully prioritising and managing well-being risks

At Puratos food company, prioritising well-being is a risk that has been successfully managed, in part due to the intense collaboration with B-Tonic. For the second consecutive year, Puratos has utilised a premium refund to steer its well-being policy in the right direction. Last year, we asked B-Tonic to map out all actions within Puratos concerning well-being, training and personal development using the People Sustainability Scan, explains Joost Strubbe, HR Director at Puratos. Following a series of inspiration sessions and workshops, we jointly drafted an action plan with projects on various themes: healthy eating for our employees, a safe working environment, and improved support for managers.

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